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This will be my testimony to anyone I meet that just can't seem to find themselves or can’t understand their true purpose in life. I always knew I wanted my degree, but the traditional setup of college was a drag to me and every semester there was always an additional class that was required or an increase in tuition or both. I feel as if this program is designed for people like me who want to expand their thinking and be challenged without feeling dumb or getting into debt. I am extremely grateful for a degree program that allows me to simply think and to be myself.

—Britney Bryant, USA


I graduated back in 2014 and since then I have continued to reap the benefits of my education from IMHS into my personal as well as professional life, where I have had the privilege of helping others to achieve. As I have worked in education for a number of years, specialising in counseling greatly improved my experience whilst enhancing my ability to coach.

In revisiting the university website, I once again felt the spark that initially piqued my interest for further study. As time has passed, I continue to hold IMHS in sincerest and highest regard from the tuition and guidance of Dr Kelley and Dr Vicki Hunter with challenging and stimulating courses that exponentially open minds to new solutions and possibilities.

Since graduating, I have coached people from all walks of life including those from the armed forces as well as professional athletes, whilst continuing to forge on with my personal endeavours. I attribute much of my successes to the education I received here.

As such, I remain deeply grateful for my experience with IMHS; I also referred one of my former professors to enrol and would highly recommend that you do too. The method of study is exceedingly comprehensive whilst allowing flexibility around your commitments and the teachings can be applied instantly. Don't live in the shadow of your potential when you can achieve today.

—Dr. Jonathan Jang, UK (2018)


I truly enjoyed the time I spent completing my degree at IMHS. The courses were challenging and insightful. All the instructors I had the pleasure to deal with were supportive and prompt in their feedback. Having taken online courses other places, this experience was by far one of the best I've had. I feel very well prepared for my chosen career path and I feel that I have grown spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. I am proud to have accomplished all I did here at IMHS and look forward to a long relationship with ICMH and IMPA!

—Dr. Kelley Penic, USA


Undertaking this course was one of the best decisions I have made in my career. Having already completed several academic degrees I wasn't sure what to expect when I started. I wondered how challenging I would find a 'non academic' degree. This was challenging! It's not a course that you can simply wiz through without thought. You are required to dig deep, think, reflect and assimilate knowledge on a daily basis. It requires diligence and discipline. It requires you to create new neural pathways to operate from. You learn academic terminology, concepts that will expand your thinking and you are required to reflect that knowledge through regular testing. By the end, if you have completed all that was asked, you will feel more complete, you will know yourself better, have a better understanding of what it means to be human and feel more compassion towards other people. You will become the best version of yourself and be able to reflect that once you then step back into the world after you graduate. I recommend this degree program for anyone wanting to further their understanding of metaphysics, humanity and themselves.

—Dr. Juliette Cavendish, Australia


After having looked at the alternatives in early 2013, and aligned to a few short-term (one year) goals, I knew in my heart and head that enrolling in the IMHS Degree Program was the right thing for me. Like attracted like, and I haven't looked back. After 10 months of remaining focused on my goal, while working very hard to maintain a healthy work-life balance, I have successfully completed my initial course load. Now the question is, how am I different today, and what have I learned? For starters, I now know metaphysics is “the scientific study of consciousness and existence” - this definition provides additional clarity when discussing what I’ve been up to these last 10 months, as well as it enhances my credibility in relation to my specialty: Spiritual Counseling. I am also different today because the course enabled me to become a “real” ordained Minister – I can legally offer something of so much meaning and value to others, such as officiating weddings and other rites of passage. With respect to the courses, I have learned meaningful leadership characteristics, how to conduct coaching sessions, the components of the Life Leadership Paragon, and on and on. I’ve created my 30 Day Challenge for the re-launch of my business, gained confidence when it comes to public speaking, and in relation to my writing career, I better appreciate Law of Attraction principles, simply because I’ve had the honour of reading some of the earliest content related to the subject – content I didn’t know existed prior to working through the entire program. I have no regrets - my overall experience has been a beautiful one. That said, my journey isn't ending here, for I am fully committed to continuous learning, and plan on taking additional IMHS courses in the months ahead. To quote a former CEO of mine: "The best is yet to come."

—Dr. Bryan Arndt, Canada


This program exceeded my expectations and has changed my life significantly for the better. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve themselves, their life, or their circumstances. I signed up to learn about Metaphysics, but learned much more. This course put me on a path of self discovery and in a short time taught me more about myself than I've learned in my entire existence. There is a song by Avicii and in one lyric it says: "All this time I was finding myself and I didn't know that I was lost." That lyric applies to the concepts taught in this program. While studying Metaphysics at IMHS, if approached with an open mind, willingness to learn, and motivation to try, a person will discover their true potential and graduate a better, stronger, more capable person. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Doug Kelley for creating IMHS and writing this life changing program.

—Dr. Angela Kittle, USA


To be honest, upon entering this program, I was skeptical that this degree program was nothing more than the typical "Diploma Mill" you hear about everyday. To confirm or alleviate my concerns, I called Dr. Kelley and addressed them. Under no pressure, Dr. Kelley understood my concerns and challenged me to take a free course offered and to assess its quality and depth. After taking the course, I was impressed on how thought provoking the course was and how applicable it was to everyday life. Well, needless to say, Dr. Kelley had my attention now, but I couldn't understand how he could provide all the instructional material and courses for such a nominal amount. After he explained how his methodology was different from every other metaphysical school, I decided to give his degree program a chance. After completing the Bachelor Degree, I was hooked and knew I would continue until I completed the Doctoral Degree. The curriculum is well grounded in application and emphasizes aspects of Psychology, Sociology and Physics to understand human behavior and its impact on the human condition. This program taught me that before I could ever assist mankind and make a difference, I had to know who I was completely before I could respect the free will of others and approach life embracing the "Do not Harm" and "Do Right" principles. It has taken me three years to complete and earn my PhD. It was no "Cake Walk", no "Paper Mill" or a cheap excuse to earn a degree. You will find this Degree Program challenging, thought provoking and life changing. The secular degrees I've obtained in my life are a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Public Administration. That said, I value the IMHS Metaphysical Doctoral Degree more than the aforementioned accredited degrees.

—Dr. Richard C., USA


Having gained a Bachelor degree in Finance in Canada, and a Master's degree in business in Texas, I felt that I had acquired enough knowledge needed to be successful in all my endeavors. However, I realized that I needed more. Knowledge of consciousness and existence is definitely a must for every human being to properly function in society. The IMHS program was definitely a great match for what I was looking for. It allowed me to be more open minded in my non-existing knowledge in the field of Metaphysics and other sciences alike. I am so fortunate and blessed to have learned and studied the concepts offered in the PhD program. I enjoyed every class and especially the time to write my actual dissertation. It was definitely an interesting journey, to say the least, but in the end, it made me a better person. I couldn't say the same with my other degrees which were more focused on a secular setting without proper attention to students. IMHS is different in that area and allows every student to challenge themselves and realize more about their overall existence and increased spirituality.

—Dr. Dan Amzallag, USA


It has been an incredible journey studying in the IMHS Doctoral Degree program which enlightened and enriched me with so much knowledge and looking at things from a totally new perspective. Thank you so much IMHS for giving me such an opportunity to learn and deliver Greatness to the World!

—Dr. Harjit S., Malaysia


IMHS has changed my life. I have grown and transformed to a better person, with an improved perception of myself. I am more grounded, peaceful, and calm. My perspective of my own life's journey has changed with improved positivity in my life as a result from these courses. I feel more self-mastered and honored myself more. This program has helped me improve all the relationships in my life. Each course gives invaluable information that will change you. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to change for the better, and make an impact to improve the world.

—Dr. Melinda DF., USA


Words of praise do little to profit the true value of such a unique program. Do not be mistaken if you think the IMHS academic approach is any way inferior or unstructured. The program can be as easy or as difficult as YOU want it to be. The rules are extremely flexible and adapt to the needs of the student. The program comprises course content filled to the brim with valuable and pragmatic information. The many invaluable ideas, concepts and theories, leave little room for vacant jibber jabber. Unlike other certification programs, IMHS does not drape itself with bureaucratic bunkum. IMHS is well-organized, well run and administrative responses are consistent and amiable, turnaround times in my experience have never exceeded four hours, despite being six hours ahead of IMHS local time, including weekend and holidays. My personal development advanced radically as a direct result of this program, the only regret I have is that I did not find IMHS earlier in my life.

—Dr. Dieter Berndt, South Africa


IMHS is an absolute phenomenal educational program. I have always been skeptical when it came to taking classes online, but when I enrolled with IMHS and started their courses, I was blown away by the structure of their classes and subject matter. Regardless of the specialization you choose, you will no doubt walk away a better person. IMHS was the best decision I ever made thus far in my personal growth and education.

—Dr. Paul M., USA


My experience as a student of IMHS has been one of excitement and tremendous growth. Excitement due to the quality of its contents, and growth as a person and coach. This course, though it starts of lightly, gradually builds up to the point where you as a student get so immersed in high and extremely practical and useful study material, that it leaves you at the end a different person, equipped with life skills and professional skills you could only have dreamed of when you started. I encourage every student to pursue till the end, because you may not see in the beginning what this will all lead to. Einstein said: You cannot solve a problem with the same kind of mind that caused the problem" This applies here as we, when we start this course, cannot yet see with our limited understanding how Dr. Kelley and his team will lead you into a completely different experience both of yourself and the work you will be able to do once you graduate. I for one am grateful.

—Dr. Pieter E., USA


I believe that because of this Degree program, I’ve found an inner peace that was lost for so long. I’m resolved to continue to work through the Master’s program and even the Doctoral program because I’ve seen such a wonderful change in myself just having worked through the Bachelor’s Degree. I’m happy to say, and not ashamed one bit that I’m PROUD of what I’ve accomplished.

—Karen B., USA


I personally feel the courses offered in this program should be mandatory learning, core courses, for all students attending traditional college. In one form or another I have taken all these courses through my educational years, but none have been as clear, or as valuable, as these in the way the courses were presented. The courses are well thought out, easy to follow, and immensely helpful in personal development. For me that is what the educational system should be about. I have been a student of self-development for a very long time, and I can honestly say that by taking these courses I am better equipped with life skills than ever before. Perhaps it’s only that it has built upon that which I learned before, but I believe that if I had taken these courses when I was a young man I would have been better prepared to deal with the situations that life has dealt me over the years. Perhaps I wouldn’t have divorced twice. I may have been a better father, a better police officer, or a better aikido teacher. Perhaps I would have made better career choices, and financial decisions; the potential is limitless.

—Kyle O., USA


My energetic frequency has changed completely since I began the doctoral degree program. I have changed , all areas of my life have benefited from these changes. I have learned to completely accept myself, placing proper healthy boundaries as well as letting go of relationships that just don't work. IMHS has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The knowledge I have gained of myself has been overwhelming. We all have difficult times and often need a wake up call, this has been my wake up all. Working towards my doctoral degree for me has become a journey of self discovery, growth and enlightenment. This program in its entirety so far has taught me more than anything I have ever experienced before. Teaching the tools to help myself to be a better person, mother, therapist, daughter, sister, and wife. All relationships within my life have changed in someway for the better.

—LC., Canada


I have a very analytic personality. By nature, I tend to do as much research as I can on a subject of interest before deciding which course of action fits best towards the accomplishment of my goals. Before coming to IMHS, I researched many like institutions, however, I quickly realized that the word “like” in this context does not quite fit. IMHS by far outweighs other Metaphysical institutions in the quality and robustness of its degree program, instructor's subject matter-expertise, and attentiveness towards the student. IMHS will challenge you each and every step of the way as it empowers you with personal and professional practical life-skills, which you can begin to apply and start transforming your life… TODAY!

—Dr. Luis P., USA


Throughout the last several months, I have been involved with studying for my Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD in the Metaphysical Humanistic Science program. The way this program has been performed and administered by the principle founder and instructor has transformed the way and possible future path that many academic secular institutions could very well take. So, in graduating from this program, the total volition to the knowledge of information contained in the course work, can only be—and should be—experienced for oneself; being motivated and allowed to achieve and grow as an individual is an experience and outcome that is absolutely defined within the truest sense of Metaphysical Science in which this Institute completely and fervently believes in and adheres to.

—Dr. Rory W., UK


Even though I am only in Course 2, the challenge of the questions in the assignment creates a dynamic environment where the student can become immersed in their studies and really learn a great deal. I feel that it should be challenging. There are a lot of online doctoral degree programs. I looked through many of them before making my choice. Your program is by farand I mean worlds abovethe others in terms of mental stimulation and challenge. This is what I was looking for in a program. I feel like I am really earning my degree, not just paying for a piece of paper like many others.

—Curt H., North Carolina


Words cannot adequately describe my personal experience with the Metaphysics Institute and the knowledge it has given me. It is beyond anything I expected when I was searching for a school. Making the commitment by signing up for my degree in Metaphysical Science has been the best decision I have ever made. I am devouring the information! I welcome the challenges that each course presents and I am amazed by how much I have learned, grown, and changed for the better since beginning the degree program. Doug Kelley helps us to understand the information, push ahead, and encourages us to be the best that we can be. He is very personable and he truly cares about each of his students on a personal and educational level. If you are looking for a fantastic education, personal growth, and a life changing experience, then look no further than the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science. The value of this program far exceeds the price and it's the best investment I have ever made!

—Deanna M., Canada


Anointment or Appointment? When I was changing schools and focusing on what to do for another doctoral study, I felt compelled to throw myself into a school I really had, in reality, no right to be at. I call this reason my “Appointment Approach.” Was I there for divine reasons, or did I put myself there just because? I knew I was not happy but was going along for the ride. I knew my “Anointment” came when I was finally giving up on schools to continue my studies. And, out of a last review of the Internet, appeared IMHS. I was shocked and reread the school many times before making contact. I began to question, “Was this the school I had been in search of?” “How did it just appear out of nowhere?” I knew then a higher power had intervened, thus my “Anointment” was being offered. IMHS is allowing me to grow in ways that an institute has never offered. Most texts and curriculum give the learner philosophies and the student must retain and reiterate the text to sound like something was learned. IMHS and the curriculum offers the student to create personal philosophies and methodologies in a fashion that will work for them, based upon the learning at hand. IMHS has given me a breath of fresh air that could not have come at a better time in my life as I transcend to the next level.

—Professor Michael D., Ed.D, Florida


I think the metaphysics degree program is absolutely great! It should be mandatory for all of humanity! When I began the Doctoral program through the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science, I didn’t even have a proper understanding of what metaphysics was. With my very first lesson, I was completely educated on the course topic. With that under my belt, I proceeded on to the next course, then the next, then the next. With each course I was being filled with grounded, life-enhancing skills that had immediate results in my day to day living. Each and every course is filled with concrete knowledge, useful tools, and absolutely no fluff or fillers. My life has not only been enhanced, but altered in such positive ways that words cannot describe. The program is specifically designed with the student in mind. Here you will find encouragement, and support. Even though this is a self-paced, online program, you are never alone in your studies. Along with the receptive connection with your instructor, we are all connected in this program. We, as students want each and every one of us to succeed. When we succeed, the world becomes a better place. If you are seeking more than just a mere existence of a life right now, then this is the place to begin your journey. If you want to increase the knowledge you currently have, then you will find treasure chests of gold nuggets within these lessons. If you want to be all that you can be, then you owe it to yourself to enroll in the IMHS. I hope you will join us.

—Dr. Cathy H., Canada


I am currently enrolled in the Institute of Metaphysical and Humanistic Science and am finding the degree program well worth the price! It has a good mix of easy to understand topics, including ones that require you to really challenge yourself and your thinking abilities. Doug Kelley is easily accessible through email and telephone and takes a personal interest in his students and their progress. I have taken online courses before, but the IMHS degree program has a professional college-level academic feel to it and it is just as good, if not better than sitting in a university classroom. There is a good mix of reading material and video for the student to get a good grasp of the subject and unlike many instructors, Doug has no problem with making corrections on his own material if he feels it might not be correct in some way. I priced and looked at a few other online courses, and I have to say this is the best you will find, and especially for the tuition cost, you are getting far more value than any other metaphysics course on the Internet. For those who may not have a good understanding of metaphysics, and for those who think they wrote the book on the topic, there is something for everyone here at the Institute.

—Dr. Steve G., Virginia

IMHS stands out from all the rest in a way that grandpa stood out among other men. It has the age of wisdom, the experience of common sense, and the loving passion to teach me to grow from the hidden potential within. You don’t just learn, you live.

—Ken H., California

Whoever believed that online study or the study of metaphysics was a joke are wrong - well at least as it relates to this institution. These courses are obviously designed to create metaphysicians. They are no 'walk in the park.' In addition, from the first course and the required assignments, it becomes clear that this is what the study of metaphysics should be about - rigorous, but offering personal growth at the same time.

—Dr. Kazie K., Jamaica 

I must admit I searched out numerous web sites looking for a school that offered Metaphysics that was structured, affordable, well-planned, and professional. The Metaphysics Institute met all of my criteria! I feel like I am back in college! Dr. Kelley wants only the best from his students, and expects nothing less! He gives advice and guidance in your lessons; at times making you re-think your answers. He approaches his subjects based on a realistic belief of his subjects and the philosophy behind Metaphysics. In other words, you are truly being educated to the science of Metaphysics! Upon completion of this program, you will have both a professional and realistic approach to the many fields of Metaphysics. I highly recommend this school to those who seek a career in this field, and to those who simply want to know!

—Dr. Camille E., North Carolina

The IMHS Accelerated Doctoral Degree Program is not only a well-crafted curriculum, but an unforgettable journey into the human experience. What impresses me most about these courses is that they are full of tools and easy-to-use strategies that are invaluable in personal and professional capacities. I am learning to improve not only my personal relationships, but am being equipped with everything I need to launch a successful career in the field of Metaphysics. Dr. Doug Kelley is by far the best teacher I have ever had, demanding my best so that I stretch myself to think and grow, but encouraging me in a warm and friendly manner. Add to this a community of fellow students to discuss and debate school and various topics, one on one sessions with Dr. Kelley, as well as tons of supplemental audios and videos, and it's easy to see: IMHS is the leader in the industry and the best choice I have made in a long time!

—Arron F., Texas

If you're looking for a school that cares about your success and does everything to help you achieve it, you've found the right one. IMHS may be an online school, but the instructors are never more than an email away offering support and assistance. You will never find a school that better prepares you to be the master of your life.

—Shawna M., Maryland

I am very happy with IMHS and the accelerated degree program because it is a very comprehensive and beautifully designed program that gives me encouragement and support to succeed at achieving my PhD.

—Dr. Mark F., Mexico

There were two critical components I wanted in a metaphysical school. I needed it to be non-religious, and I wanted it to be professional. The philosophies of IMHS are in line with my own, foremost is to say that we cannot know what we are observing unless we know ourselves and how our own mind works. This is fundamental to the study of metaphysics, and IMHS. I recommend IMHS to anyone in sincere pursuit of illumination.

—Dr. Vicki H., Canada

IMHS had the exact degree program that I was looking for and also offered incredible tuition rates! Once enrolled, I got the added bonus of a teacher who has also become my mentor. :) There is a never-ending wealth of knowledge even outside of the curriculum that is offered to you if you are willing to accept and listen. The instructors are only an email away and respond right away. They are always there to help and go above and beyond that of traditional instructors that I have taken classes from before. The online classes are awesome and I love the information that is put into each class that I have taken so far.

—Angie W., California

I was able to obtain a degree in Metaphysical Humanistic Science through IMHS. This institute provided me with a great experience of academic and spiritual growth. The instructors are constantly challenging the students to think past their concrete levels of processing, and move into the abstract. Feedback on assignments and exams were given in a timely manner, with constructive critiques made.

—Dr. Courtney P., Virginia


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