Cryptozoology / Hominology Degree

Investigate Animals as Yet Undescribed by Science

Accelerated Metaphysics PhD Degree Program 

Get your degree in CryptozoologyDoctoral Metaphysics PhD Degree Program. Metaphysics degrees. Metaphysical degrees.Cryptozoology is the study of undiscovered animals, that is, animals as yet undescribed by science. Students will learn about recent discoveries as well as the sheer magnitude of the estimated number of undiscovered species. Students will also learn about taxonomy and classification, research techniques, conducting field investigations, equipment, and working with other researchers. Students will study and research their choice of a reported cryptid with a focus on objective, grounded research. Evidence analysis is also covered thereby equipping students to analyze photos, videos, and other evidence that might assist in scientifically describing a reported animal. This specialization will give the student the foundation and framework to explore, investigate, and research reports of unknown animals that have been seen by locals for years—sometimes, hundreds or even thousands of years. As an alternative, students may choose to specialize in “Hominology,” a branch of Cryptozoology which focuses on the study of primates or hominids such as Bigfoot as opposed to all types of cryptids.

Primary Doctoral Degree is: (will be printed on your Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral diplomas)

Doctor of Metaphysical Humanistic Science

Specializing in: (will be printed on your Master's and Doctoral diplomas. Choose one)

Cryptozoology MHs.D or PhD

Hominology MHs.D or PhD


Cryptozoological Certification: This degree also includes a Certified Cryptozoological Investigator certificate. Graduates can use the letters "CCI" after their names as well. Photo ID badge also included.

Required Courses

Twelve courses are required for a Bachelor's and Master's Degree. For a Doctoral degree, the Doctoral Degree Assignment is required. The courses below have been pre-determined for this specific degree. More information about each course is provided on the Course Descriptions page or the IMHS Catalog. Students are also free to take additional courses beyond the 12 required to graduate if desired. Additional courses are available at the regular course tuition rate.

  1. MHs.B1: The Nature of Metaphysics

  2. MHs.B2: Metaphysical Self-Mastery

  3. MHs.B3: Metaphysical Intercommunication

  4. MHs.B4: Metaphysical Principles of Enhanced Relationships

  5. MHs.B5: Metaphysical Critical Thinking and Self-Direction

  6. MHs.M2-1: Advanced Metaphysical Concepts Course 1

  7. MHs.M2-2: Advanced Metaphysical Concepts Course 2

  8. MHs.M3: Metaphysical Psychology

  9. MHs.M24: Cryptozoology

  10. MHs.M18-1: Forensic Anomalous Evidence Analysis and Collection Course 1

  11. MHs.M18-2: Forensic Anomalous Evidence Analysis and Collection Course 2

  12. Elective course from the Course Descriptions page

  • MHs.D1: Doctoral Degree Assignment (review of what you learned in the program)

Additional Related Courses Available (students can choose these as electives if desired or take them in addition to the required courses):

  • MHs.M16: Paranormal Science Courses 1 and 2 (CPI graduates will receive a tuition credit equal to the amount they paid for the CPI course)

  • MHs.M19: Starting and Leading an Anomalous Research Team Courses 1 and 2